You try to eat right, exercise as much as you can, and pry yourself away from work long enough to enjoy the simpler things in life. But there’s something missing from your total mind and body wellness regimen: Spa Treatments.

Before you protest, know that upscale spas of today aren’t just lavender-scented and ladies oriented treatments. Mvua Spa has treatments specifically designed for men; you are welcome to enjoy any of our treatments.

To help you out, we’ve highlighted the very best spa treatments a man can get, at a very reasonable cost. Ditch the cell phone, don a robe, and get ready for a major mind-body relaxation and pampering.


Aside from feeling ah-mazing, you can reap some major benefits from penciling in a rubdown: Massages can be used as part of a treatment plan for sports injuries like inflammation, strains, and joint pain, or even insomnia related to stress, headaches, and anxiety. 

At Mvua Spa we have curated 5 types of Massages that are especially helpful for serious athletes and weekend warriors alike. These all work to cleanse your lymphatic system of the exhaust from muscle usage and relieve post-workout soreness.

Harmony (Swedish) Massage:

This massage uses long, kneading strokes and deep circular movements to relax muscles—and you. “One full hour of Swedish-style massage is equivalent to approximately 8 hours of rest:

Duration: 90 minutes / Ksh 3,000

Zenchi (Deep Tissue) Massage:

You’ll experience slower strokes with added force to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue; this type can help muscle damage from injury and increase your range of motion by breaking up scar tissue as well.

Duration: 90 minutes / Ksh 3,500

Sports Massage:

 As the name implies, sports massage is geared toward athletes hoping to prevent or treat injuries. “When the athlete is healed enough, a masseuse works at the border, away from the injury,” The technique circulates more blood to muscles in need of nutrients and oxygen for repair and breaks up scar tissue to help with mobility.

Duration: 90 minutes / Ksh 3,500

Hot Stone Massage:

A masseuse will place warm stones on various positions on your body. “It’s all about balancing the energy flow to ignite healing,” It’s not all hype, but this type of massage works better for some more than others.

Duration: 120 minutes / Ksh 4,000

Stress Relief Massage:

Recovery and Repair’ Includes Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Massage With Complimentary Hot stone, this specifically designed for the head and the posterior section of your  body ( back). The therapist will use their hands, elbows and forearms to restore peak performance. “They target specific areas to best meet the needs of each client, incorporating massage cream and oils designed specifically to optimize relaxation, relieve pain, eliminate toxins and make the body more comfortable.

Duration 120 minutes / Ksh 2,500

How often should you have a massage?

A good regimen for getting massages is once a month to once a week, depending on your time and budget, Start slow and try different massage techniques if you’re serious about adopting a holistic route of care through spa treatments.

Why Mvua Spa?

Spa Menu:- Mvua has a male centric treatment menu, specifically designed for men, addressing men’s wellness problems and offering solution. We have free ample parking, for our clientele. You are welcome to enjoy any of our treatments.

Spa Ambience: – Mvua has a relaxed and positive atmosphere, which is pleasing to the senses – the spa looks very good, smell good, very peaceful, private and comfortable enough for the male clientele. Mvua is located at the PentHouse (Roof Top of Shopper’s Paradise at the CBD) away from the noise. We have private treatment rooms with soft spa music to soothe the spirit. And hot showers to use before and after treatment.


At Mvua Spa you will meet very high standards of hygiene & cleanliness.

Friendliness, Courtesy and Sensitivity: –

Mvua Staff are polite, friendly and attentive. They are professional at all times, and focused on you and your spa experience.  It is their duty to make you feel relaxed happy and comfortable during your spa treatment.

Standard of Treatments and Facilities

Our standard of facility and treatment live up to what we (Mvua Spa) have promised. We offer Attention to detail to make your spa experience easy and enjoyable.  Mvua Spa therapists are highly skilled at Therapeutic Treatments. They are informative and intuitive enough to ensure that you relax into your chosen therapy.

Value for Money

Mvua Spa services are ideal for relaxing, but they also offer many wellness benefits. Whether you paid a lot or a little, you will feel you’re getting your money’s worth. If not please let us know. We’re here to offer the most unique spa services that you’re sure to love!


We use quality and professional products. Our spa therapists will guide you through our product catalogue and detail any and all products used during your treatment. And if you really loved that cream they used, you’ll probably be happy to buy it.

There’s no better time to get on board and book an appointment the time is now: –

Call or WhatsApp Mvua Spa on 0716869604 to reserve a service

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